Oana Achiței, born 1990 in Romania, works as an illustrator. She made her debut as an author at pionier press in 2018 with »Album de familie/Familjealbum«, a bilingual children’s book in Romanian and Swedish.

Cristina Andone, born in Bucharest June 7, 1976, a date with an unforgettable number combination. She is an author, educational activist, and creativity coach. Her books »Sagor från Musikskogen« (»Povești din Pădurea Muzicală«), which have sold 120 000 copies in Romania, strive to familiarize children with classical music. The pedagogical method »musical brand audit« (MBA) combines strategic planning within marketing with musical theory, in order to help young children to identify the characteristic features of the classical music of well-known composers.

Åsa Apelkvist, born 1968 in Sweden, is an author and translator.

Andreas Berg, born 1965 in Sweden, is an author, illustrator, and lecturer. He has illustrated for several Swedish magazines, such as Dagens Nyheter, Expressen, and Bonniers Litterära Magasin. In 1998, he became a professor of illustration at the reputed Konstfack, the youngest one in the history of the university. Since 2013, he has worked as a professor of illustration at Kunsthögskolen in Oslo. He typically begins his lectures by stating that illustrating is an intellectual activity.

Ingela Bergmann, born 1959 in Sweden, is an author, illustrator, and artist. She made her debut as an author in 2021 at pionier press with the book »Flytten till Landet Annorlunda/Flyttingen til Annerledes-Landet/Flytten til Annleislandet«, a bilingual children’s book in Swedish and Bokmål/Nynorska.

Lucian Boia, born 1944 in Bucharest, Romania, is a historian specialized in modern history. He has published many works in intellectual history and the imaginary, giving rise to many debates. In 1990, he became a professor of history at the university of Bucharest. In 1993, he founded Centrului de Istorie a Imaginarului, the Center of Imaginary History.

Adrian Cioroianu, born 1967 in Craiova, Romania, is a historian, politician, journalist, and essayist. He is a lecturer at the Department of History at the University of Bucharest and has published several books on Romanian history, most notably dealing with Communist Romania.

Ștefan Constantinescu, born 1968 in Romania, is a visual artist and movie director.

Elena Dunca, born in 1965 in Russia, is a paleontologist. She made her debut as an author at pionier press in 2010 with the book »Lacrima/Tåren«, a bilingual children’s book in Romanian and Swedish. »Lacrima/Tåren« is pionier press’s first bilingual children’s book.

Jenny Ekström, born in 1986 in South Korea and raised in Sweden, is an author and illustrator. She made her debut as an author and illustrator at pionier press in 2021 with »Professor Eremitus nye vän/Le nouvel ami du professeur Eremitus«, a bilingual children’s book in Swedish and French.

Sigrún Eldjárn

Yves Girault, born 1956 in France, is a professor of museology at the French National Museum of Natural History, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle. He is also the co-editor of the International Journal of Geoheritage and Parks.

Ioana Gruenwald, born 1957 in Romania, is a trained philologist with over twenty years of experience within the field of books. She has worked as a translator and editor, and she led the German Book Center at the Frankfurt Book Fair for ten years. She has organized dozens of seminars and trainings, and she is familiar with whole generations of publishers, illustrators, designers, and booksellers, whose evolution she follows with great interest. She has the advantage of being known in the book market before 1989, which might be why she has a critical view of today’s market. She’s looking for professionalism and fair play, but for now she is eager for new projects.

Joanna Hellgren, born 1981 in Sweden, is an illustrator and cartoonist.

Felicia Iosif, born 1984 in Romania, is a Romani EU-migrant who wrote about her story together with cartoonist Sara Olausson. She made her debut as an author at pionier press in 2014 with the book series »Felicia«, published in Swedish and English.

Roxana Jeler, born 1976 in Romania, is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, specializing in Pedagogy and the Romanian Language and Literature. Since 2003 she has been working in the publishing field, closely following the phenomenon of children’s literature and didactic literature: first as editorial director at Paralela 45, where she republished the series Luna-Betiluna and Dora-Minodora but also the works of important poets for children (Grete Tartler, Daniela Crăsnaru), and currently as editor-in-chief at ART Publishing House. She has edited numerous editions of children’s books and was twice part of the jury of the Arthur Trophy competition, which awards Romanian children’s authors. She was also in charge of coordinating several digital textbooks addressed to the little ones.

Modesta Jurgaityte

Andrej Kurkov, born 1961 in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) in the former Soviet Union (Russia), is an author, essayist, and scriptwriter who has published more than twenty novels and ten children’s books. He is the first Russian author whose books became European bestsellers following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Since 1998, he has been a member of the European Film Academy, and over twenty movies and documentaries have been created based on his manuscripts. Andrej Kurkov’s works have been translated into thirty-seven languages, and his articles and essays are regularly published in the foreign presses, for example The Guardian (UK), Libération (France), Dag og Tid (Norway), and many more. In 2018, he was appointed head chairman for the Ukrainian PEN.

André Langaney, born 1942 in France, is a geneticist specialized in evolution and population genetics. He has been the director of the Laboratory of Biological Anthropology at the Musée de l’homme (the Museum of Man) and professor at the University of Geneva. Aside from genetics, he has an interest in culture and anthropology.

Gunilla Lundgren, born 1942 in Sweden, is an author and the initiator of Nobel in Rinkeby. She has written over thirty children’s books, many through collaborations with the Romani peoples.

Marius Marcinkevicius

Dana Marouf

Rebecka Mellberg, born 1985 in Sweden, is an author. She made her debut at pionier press in 2014 with the bilingual book series »Döda djur/Dead Animals« in Swedish and English.

Veronica Neacșu, born 1983 in Romania, is an author and illustrator. She made her debut at pionier press in 2012 with the bilingual children’s book »Love/Iubire/Kärlek« in English-Romanian and Romanian-Swedish.

Dodo Niță, born 1964 in Romania, is a cartoonist and historian. He is the director of the organization Bedefili in Romania (Asociației Bedefililor din România).

Sara Olausson, born 1972 in Sweden, is an artist and cartoonist. In 2019, her book »Jordgubbsbarnen« (»the strawberry children«) was nominated for the August Prize. Sara finds her inspiration in street art and old books about animals.

Ovidiu Pecican, born 1959 in Romania, is a historian, author, poet, and playwright. He is known for writing about controversial topics, although he also writes sci-fi.

Taliah Pollack, born 1983 in Sweden, is an author of books for both children and adults. Her works focus on topics such as diversity, conflict, and liberation.

Adina Popescu, born 1978 in Romania, is an author, cultural journalist, and movie director.

Sînziana Popescu, born 1972 in Romania, is an author and playwright for children and young adults. Her bilingual children’s book »Experimental Martinel/The Teddy B. Experiment«, published in Romanian and English in 2017, was the first children’s book to shed light on the so-called strawberry children phenomenon in Romania, that is, children whose parents leave the country to work abroad.

Cristi Puiu, born 1967 in Romania, is an author and movie director. He is one of the front figures of the new Romanian film movement and founder of the production company Mandragora.

Hīwā Qādir, born 1964 in Kurdistan, is an author and poet. His book »Qadir Aashq/Kärlek« is pionier press’s second bilingual children’s book, published in 2011 in Kurdish (the sorani dialect) and Swedish.

Paul Rasse, born 1954 in France, is an anthropologist and university professor at the Department of Information and Communication at Nice Sophia Antipolis. He has published around fifteen works within the fields of culture and communication.

Adina Rosetti

Cecilia Strömberg

Sofia Taikon, born 1931 in Poland and deceased 2005 in Sweden. She arrived in Sweden from Auschwitz with the white buses following the Second World War. She told her story to the author Gunilla Lundgren and the illustrator Amanda Ericsson, which resulted in the book »Sofia Z-4515«.

Anuța Vârsta, born 1979 in Romania, is an author and illustrator. She made her debut as an author at pionier press in 2013 with »La est de est/ Dongjjokeseo Dongjjokeuro«, a bilingual book in Romanian and Korean.