Love Iubire

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Love has often been called an universal language, and drawings are able to communicate beyond words. Veronica Neacșu’s illustrations and text can be at the same time harsh and funny, tragic and naive, unreal and mundane just like love itself.

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    • Veronica Neacșu, born in 1983, is a Romanian artist and illustrator. Her work mixes the comic with the tragic and the ironic, to which she adds a bunch of fantastic characters of eclectic inspiration. Aside from her commissioned work for publishing houses and the advertising industry, Neacșu develops personal projects such as the book Love Iubire, which was inspired by a real story. 

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978-91-982050-5-3, 978-973-0-23427-5

Publication date

Sverige 2017


tvåspråkig Engelsk-Rumänska

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190×190 mm


310 g

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