Where are you from? From Giulești is part of the project live from giulesti. It is a comic book inspired by children and teenagers from Giulești-Sârbi, a neighborhood in Bucharest.
At the beginning of August 2016, 19 children and teenagers were invited to participate in an installation created by a group of artists, and tell stories of their everyday lives within the community through creative means, while also describing how they see the future. Contributing artists: black horse mansion (visual arts studio); pisica patrata (street artist and illustrator); adina popescu (writer); roald aron (photographer). Concept initiated by Catinca Drăgănescu, Gabriela Nenciu, and Cristina Pîrvu.


Adina Popescu is a journalist at Dilema Veche, (Old Dilema) a Romanian culture magazine and an author of children’s books. She wrote Stories from Calea Moșilor, a book about childhood in the 80s, A Secret History of the Vampires’ Land, a fantasy trilogy that won The Arthur National Award and several comic books scripts.

Alexandru Ciobotariu is a well-known artist for his comic books, and for his project, the museum of comic strip in romania. His street art interventions made him famous under the name of pisica pătrată (The Squared Cat). He participated in more than 100 exhibitions and interventions in exhibition spaces in Romania and abroad. His work was featured in more than 60 Romanian and international publications, and he illustrated several books and comic strips albums.