Alfvén & Enescu în Pădurea Muzicală i Musikskogen

Alfvén & Enescu în Pădurea Muzicală i Musikskogen

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Product Description

Alfvén & Enescu in the Musical Forest is the latest title written by the well known Romanian writer and story teller Cristina Andone and illustrated by Adriana Gheorghe, Sebastian Oprița and Thea Olteanu. The book tells two captivating stories of two elfs Alfvén and Enescu inspired by two famous composers the Swedish Hugo Alfvén (1872–1960) and the Romanian George Enescu (1881–1955) and wants not only to familiarise the children with classical music but also tell them about how to learn it and about all that inspired it. »Classical music might not save the world but it definitely make it more beautiful« conclude the writer.

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bilingual Romanian-Swedish

Product dimensions

190×230 mm

Publication date

Stockholm 2017


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