pionier press visit Livia Rusz in Budapest

A sunny Sunday afternoon pionier press visit in Budapest one of the most productive and well known illustrators from Editura Ion Creanga, the Romanian publishing house  (1969–2009), Livia Rusz. It was a remarkable meeting in every aspect.


At the book fair in Bucharest

This year pionier press attend the Romanian book fair Bookfest 2012 in Bucharest between 30 May and 3 June together with one of the active members of Illustrators’ Club in Romania, Veronica Neacsu. Veronica Neacsu’s debut book Love Iubire will be present together with two other titles in the series of bilingual books, Lacrima Tåren in Romanian-Swedish and Qadir Aashq Kärlek in Kurdish-Swedish. The book fair is organized by the Romanian Publishers’ Association and is this year on it’s seventh edition. Hope you can meet pionier press’ books there. The visitors’ access to the book fair is free. Enjoy!

Veronica Neacsu’s debut book is here

Veronica Neacsu‘s debut book Love Iubire is here now. It is actually spread all over the world with a limited edition of 25 artist books and an unlimited edition as print on demand available through the largest Swedish internet book shops such as Adlibris and Bokus and of course pionier press website. Last spring I was visiting Stela Lie, well know Romanian illustrator, teacher at the Bucharest’s National Art Academy and the founder of Illustrators Club in Romania and got introduced to Veronica Neacsu’s fascinating world of hairy sensible figures that populated her artist book. I wanted to meet her as soon as possible during my stay in Bucharest and so we did at the favorite spot of book shop Carturesti in the heart of Bucharest. So we planned her debut book and here it is, a year later.

Veronica Neacsu worked with text and pictures on a common theme, Love, but with a very special mix of comic, tragic and surreal. The evocative illustrations are accompanied by curiously insightful captions carefully translated both ways English-Romanian and Romanian-English by Allen Poole, Brita Johnson and Adrian Solomon. If you are going to visit Bookfest 2012 in Bucharest between 30 May and 3 July you are going to meet not only the book and the author but also some of the characters populating Veronica Neacsu’s magic world of Love. Be there!