The second book in the series of bilingual children books is about a Kurdish princess who cannot see the beauty of colours until she open up for love to another person. This tale of love talks about the mysterious force that can cure all the disappointments. Love makes us lonely but strong as well. It is like a wind that can blow away all the black storm clouds and make us ready to love all the colours of life. »Qadir Aashq Kärlek« is the well know Kurdish writer Hiwa Kader’s second children book together with the Kurdish illustrator Rebwar Saeed.


Hiwa Kader was born in 1964 in the city of Suleymania in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and is living in Sweden since 1992. He debuted with a collection of poems in 1991 and has since published more than twenty books in various genres, as well as translations in both Sweden and Kurdistan. Hiwa Kaders previously published books in Swedish is a collection of poems »Pomegranate« and the children’s book »The two snowflakes«.