Sara Olausson has published autobiographical and satirical adult comics but also the children’s series Loranga, Masarin and Dartanjang inspired by Barbro Lindgren’s children’s books. Now she releases the first part of the story of Felicia, the Romanian beggar women who became her friend. Felicia’s story is told through Sara Olausson’s cartoon drawings. This collaboration is the fruit of hours of laughter and tears, both in Sweden and Romania. Sara and Felicia became friends in October 2013, communicating across a language barrier via single words and body language, then using translation software, and finally through meetings between three women – one Romanian, one Swede and one Romanian-Swede acting as interpreter. In this saga, it is Felicia’s voice you hear. Sara’s own story of her friendship with Felicia will emerge in a future book. The whole book with both Felicia and Sara’s stories gathered will be released in the autumn 2014.