The book is a collection of poems that could not be conceived or written in Kurdish, the mother tongue of Dana Marouf, author of several books on theatre and leading writer on cultural publications in Iraqi Kurdistan. This is his first work in Swedish and the graphic design of the book is a mindful, visual interpretation of the content that explore the sonority of typography. The poems describes impressions, in the memory of dead friends, the joy of meeting with a woman and the fragile beauty of the Swedish countryside.

Other books by Dana Marouf are on Kurdish »Grymhetens teater« (1988), »Den talande bilden« (1995), Strindbergs Spöksonaten – från Max Reinhart till Ingmar Bergman« (2001), »Peter Brook i den moderna teatern« (2003), »Teater i Sverige« (2006) and in Swedish »Tillstånd och tillblivelse: Lång dags färd mot natt – från kollationering till föreställning«, (2008).


Dana Marouf (born 1962) is a writer and director. He grew up in Iraqi Kurdistan and came to Sweden in 1993. He had been in prison in Baghdad for a year, but managed to be released despite being sentenced to death. Dana Marouf wrote an acclaimed article about the panic in prison when the U.S. dropped its bombs during the Gulf War in 1991. Dana Marouf has studied acting and directing at the Theatre Academy in Baghdad and is now working as a drama educator and writer in Stockholm, Sweden.